Unlike many accountancy firms in the UK we are taking on cryptocurrency clients. Cryptocurrencies are a fairly recent phenomenon with many more individuals getting involved in these, however the tax treatments are not commonly known and HM Revenue & Customs appear to have limited information published at this time. With not many accountants wishing to offer cryptocurrency accountancy services we have had several enquiries about the tax treatment from various places across the United Kingdom.


We have specialist tax advisers who are able to answer your cryptocurrency tax queries.

Depending on your situation you may have to pay taxation at income tax rates, capital gains tax or the transaction may potentially qualify as being exempt from taxation altogether.  VAT may also need to be considered depending if you are deemed to be trading as a business.

If you hold cryptocurrencies and have any doubt on the taxation treatment we will advise you and also make recommendations with regards to whether you should consider making any relevant discloses of your dealings to HM Revenue & Customs when completing the appropriate Tax Returns.