Taxation Planning and Compliance

The UK Tax legislation is large and complex, but we have a wealth of knowledge from both our Chartered Taxation Advisers and qualified Chartered and Chartered Certified Accountants. We offer both compliance and planning services for the major taxes – Personal, Partnership, Corporate, Capital Gains, Inheritance, VAT and Stamp Duty. We have our very own pages dedicated to Property Taxes detailing the many tax changes being introduced and Cryptocurrencies. We keep our clients up-to-date with topical newsletters and special reports in response to major tax changes.

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Stamp Duty Advice

There are different types of stamp duty, but we can ensure you remain compliant and also provide advice on how to avoid paying stamp duty unnecessarily.

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Stamp Duty Accountant

Personal Tax Planning

We can handle the registration process and complete your Self-Assessment Tax Return by the 31 January deadline, whilst offering extra value with any tax savings opportunities.

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Personal Tax

Partnership Tax Guide

We can handle registration process and complete your Partnership Tax Return by the 31 January deadline, whilst ensuring you use reliefs available to you.

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Partnership Tax Bedford

Corporate Tax Planning

We can complete and submit the Corporation Tax Return for the company to HMRC. We are able to prepare Research and Development Tax Relief (R&D) claims.

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Corporate Tax

Capital Gains Tax Advice

Capital Gains Tax can be mitigated by some good planning by using reliefs available to you we can help advise you how to utilise these.

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Capital Gain

Inheritance Tax Planning

IHT planning and drafting of wills should be something on your mind year before your health starts to deteriorate. Good planning can help preserve your wealth for your beneficiaries.

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Inheritance Tax Bedford

VAT Advice

We assist our clients with the registration and completion of VAT Returns within both the UK and Europe. If you make sales to Europe you may be required to register in those countries.

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VAT Bedford

Property Tax Planning

Hold a property individually, in a company, between spouses? It all depends on your circumstances, we can advise of the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision.

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Property Tax Bedford

Cryptocurrency Tax Advice

Unlike many accountants in the UK we are taking on cryptocurrency clients. You could pay income tax, capital gains tax or it may be exempt from tax depending on your situation.

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Cryptocurrency Accountant