Management Consulting Services

If you’re looking for an experienced business management consultant, our partners and staff can help. Rawlinson Pryde & Partners can assist in many areas of management consultancy. We take the time to get to know our clients’ affairs intimately and we can be involved on a regular basis acting as non-executive Directors or on an ad-hoc basis when clients just want someone to discuss ideas with.

Our Partners and staff have extensive experience in all of the following areas and will be delighted to discuss any of them in more detail with you.

Creation of business plans which we see as an essential element in identifying strengths and weaknesses within your business.

Cash flow and profit forecasts. We can assist in the creation of forecasts, including break-even analysis. The forecasts become an invaluable tool in measuring actual performance and identifying early if corrective measures are needed.


Business disposals. We can work with you to make sure that you are fully guided through the process of selling your business to make sure that you achieve the best possible value. This can sometimes require several years preplanning.
Acquisitions. We can work with you to ensure that the acquisition process runs smoothly and in the most tax-efficient manner.
Due diligence. As part of the acquisition process, we can work with you to conduct due diligence work on the target business to make sure that you are buying with full knowledge.
Raising finance. We have substantial experience in assisting you obtain finance from banks and other sources, including venture capitalists and “business angels”.
Share and business valuations. Shareholder agreements and Partnership agreements often call for the business to be valued in set circumstances. We have extensive experience in valuing businesses using best practice bench marking procedures.